Triangle From Closed Guard With Strikes

On the most recent podcast, we interviewed CJ Murdock, who is a black belt currently training in Brazil with Fernando Terere. When we do this, we’re usually going to ask the guest to demonstrate one of her or his favorite techniques: with CJ, that’s not possible, since he’s in another country. In a situation like »

Intro to the Berimbolo

For a move that — to me — is just another powerful sweep from De La Riva guard, the berimbolo sure has become a lightning rod. To some, it’s emblematic of creative jiu-jitsu evolution. To others, it’s an invitation to soccer kick you in the head. Spin on some cardboard to beats in the street, »

There is no such thing as spider guard

“A writer who is afraid to overreach himself is as useless as a general who is afraid to be wrong.” –Raymond Chandler A new guard comes out every week. It’s remarkable how, after billions of years of evolution and thousands of years of human grappling, completely unforeseen positions somehow crop up every time there are »