Do Not Apologize For Losing

Have you ever apologized after a loss? If so, stop it. I’m not talking about the extreme situations here where you do something foolish that causes a loss — failing to prepare properly, or making a huge mistake ignoring your coach’s advice during the match. If you do those things, go ahead and say you’re »

How Early Should I Compete?

This weekend is US Grappling’s first ¬†tournament of the year, Submission Only Greensboro, which always gets the new folks asking: is it too early for me to compete? I’ve had a couple of these questions already, so I wanted to explain my own philosophy on this. It’s different for every person (more on that below), »

Interview with Fightland about nerd culture and BJJ

It’s been a while since my last post for two reasons: first, a lot of great stuff is happening (a few long-in-the-works designs are about to come out); and second, I’m in the process of finishing up a snazzy new website where I’ll migrate the blog. Stay tuned on that. In the meantime, Fightland interviewed »

Jiu Jitsu May Be Saving My Life. Really.

Generally, I shy away from hyperbole, so kindly forgive the subject line.¬†It’s a claim I don’t make lightly. Don’t worry, I promise that the post doesn’t get emo. But it must start with this basic fact: I’ve never known my biological father. This is just fine with me, but means that I lack knowledge about »