How To Get Better At Learning Jiujitsu (With Notes & Drilling)

As my future father-in-law says: you pay for everything with either money or time, and sometimes both. Ideally, you should maximize your return on all investments. If you go to class three times a week, you’re probably spending at least 7 hours of your life (and your monthly gym dues) trying to learn jiujitsu. Maybe you’ve had »

Demian Maia and complete jiujitsu

Demian Maia is, by any measure, one of the finest representatives of jiujitsu. You probably already know this, especially if you watched his most recent fight with Carlos Condit. It was a masterful performance against an accomplished opponent where, despite Condit knowing precisely what Maia wanted to do, Maia achieved a submission victory while taking »

VIDEO: Clinch Drills For Muay Thai with Chris Clodfelter

Great breakdown on a drill used by former guest Chris Clodfelter of Eight Points Muay Thai on attacking with knees and entering into the clinch!

Posted by Dirty White Belt Radio on Friday, September 30, 2016

Video: Your Job As a Blue Belt

Your Job As a Blue Belt

This Sunday's guest, Royce Gracie black belt Jake Whitfield, talks about what blue belts should be doing in training. Sunday at 10 a.m., Jake reveals who his toughest MMA opponent was, what the hardest day of training in the barn looked like, what a judo pin has to do with stabbing someone in the neck, and what the most common training mistakes are. He also calls at least one of his students a sissy. Tune in to find out which one.

Posted by Dirty White Belt Radio on Friday, May 6, 2016

Visualize It, Don’t Criticize It

This morning at 6 a.m. jiu-jitsu class, I talked about iterated algorithms. Let me apologize here to all of the students that I hit with that number before daybreak or coffee, and thank the one person who nodded vigorously when I asked “does anyone know what an iterated algorithm is?” (An algorithm that’s been iterated. Duh). »

Making the Mind Empty in the Surf

Surfing and martial arts share much. Top-level practitioners, for one thing: a healthy percentage of the Brazilian black belts I met grew up surfing, and professional surfers like Joel Tudor have taken up the gi with great enthusiasm and success. You can see why, since both arts require adaptability and grace in the face of »

Why BJJ Lineage Matters

Without a fighter from Japan and a few Brazilian pioneers, I wouldn’t be writing this blog. Without a black belt from Vermont, I wouldn’t be competing at high-level tournaments. Without a select handful of dedicated people, I would be a completely different person than I am — a less happy, less tough person leading a less »