Why I Am Rooting For Royler Gracie

Today, Royler Gracie headlines the third Metamoris Pro jiu-jitsu invitational in a high-profile match. Although I’ve never taken a seminar from or trained with Royler, I will be cheering hard for him today. Because his opponent, Eddie Bravo, can be a controversial figure, this matchup has been polarizing. But when you look back on what »

In Defense Of Point Fighting

The derision directed toward “point fighters” seems to be growing lately. Hey, I’ve even engaged in it myself. At first blush, this seems reasonable. The match is about the tap. The logical conclusion of an encounter between two grapplers is a submission: this gives us the finality our minds crave. To settle for less — »

How Early Should I Compete?

This weekend is US Grappling’s first  tournament of the year, Submission Only Greensboro, which always gets the new folks asking: is it too early for me to compete? I’ve had a couple of these questions already, so I wanted to explain my own philosophy on this. It’s different for every person (more on that below), »

Interview with Fightland about nerd culture and BJJ

It’s been a while since my last post for two reasons: first, a lot of great stuff is happening (a few long-in-the-works designs are about to come out); and second, I’m in the process of finishing up a snazzy new website where I’ll migrate the blog. Stay tuned on that. In the meantime, Fightland interviewed »