How Metamoris Can Seize An Opportunity By Booking Dern And Garcia

The first thing I did when I got up this morning was watch Mackenzie Dern’s match against Gabi Garcia at ADCC. The second thing I did was send messages to several of my friends along the lines of “Wow, Dern beat Gabi?” with multiple interrobangs. If your Facebook feed is anything like mine, 80 percent »

Get That Funk Out Of Your Gi

{{unknown}}It finally happened. I was That Guy. One of my most beloved gis is my first Toro. It fits great, is comfortable, has just the right amount of wear so I look like neither a first-day guy nor a slob, and it has my team and affiliation patches on it. It was my regular competition »

The Economic Argument For Women At Metamoris

People love stories. Whether it’s a great book, movie, or TV show, humans love to get caught up in a gripping narrative. That’s why people watch sports: the best contests feature rising action, a climax and satisfying resolution. This applies to jiujitsu competitions, too. I’ve watched an absurd amount of jiujitsu matches, but there will »

Just Stay Alive

Jiu-jitsu, my instructor says, is about survival. This is one of the things he says that resonates most with me. Since I’ve started training I’ve said that my philosophy on yoga, jiu-jitsu and life is that as long as I’m breathing, nothing can have gone that wrong. This is an aspirational thing to say, too: »

Life is one long training session

Why does it matter if you win or lose? This is a semi-rhetorical question. I want to acknowledge right up front that I am a competitive person, and so it matters very much to me whether I win or lose. By offering up the question I hope to provoke a thought experiment rather than to »

Four Ways To Get Better At Purple Belt

It is sometimes said that if you ask 10 different black belts to show you the same technique, you’ll learn 10 different ways to do that technique — and they will all be correct. That’s why it’s important to learn from multiple sources. Different people have different perspectives, and we all process information in different »