ADCC: What the odds tell us

I have a confession: I really, really like gambling.

Not the type of gambling where the house inevitably wins over the long term. That act holds no thrill for me. It’s like watching a film that has a few thrills along the way that you know with certainty ends badly for everyone. You won’t see me playing slots or most table games.

But games where you can play against others, where the outcome is uncertain and hence more interesting, and you have a mathematical chance to make money along the way? Sign me up.

That’s one reason I’m glad more sports books are offering grappling bets. Because I can play games I like while watching the matches I want to see — and pass along my thoughts on where the smart money is. Plus, we can have another blog and podcast contest. Everybody wins!

ADCC is coming right up in Finland, and if you’re reading this blog, chances are you’ll be watching. Why not play along at home? Here are the odds offered at a particular online betting spot, where I’ll be placing my (imaginary, just for fun) wagers. Let’s talk about the current odds at (with the proviso that there are always drops due to injury and late replacements very close to the event). Come back tomorrow and we’ll get to the free contest, where you can play along without the taste of online degeneracy.  Continue reading

Other Jiujitsu Podcasts You Should Check Out

If you like our show, you are probably crazy about jiujitsu. I don’t blame you: jiujitsu is so great that I’m taking the time to write about it on a weekend where I’m about to get married and have way too much to do today.

Because you like jiujitsu, and presumably our show about it, you might be looking for other great shows about this art of ours. Thankfully, they’re out there! I know, I’ve listened to basically all of them. And these are my personal favorites, so if you’re looking for a new audio experience to throw in your podcatcher of choice.
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Countdown to 100 Shows: One Big Announcement

Our 100th show drops tomorrow! Be sure to come back to check that out, or — even better — subscribe on iTunes or Stitcher so you never miss an episode.
We promised an announcement before the show dropped, and here it is: in 2017, for the first time we’re going to be giving end-of-year awards for jiujitsu in the Carolinas.
The Dirty White Belt Radio Awards — which I can only hope will be nicknamed “The Dirties” — will be announced at the end of this year. We’ll have open nominations for each of the award categories, which will include Coach of the Year, Competitor of the Year, and more, and a panel of our distinguished judges will decide the results. (EDIT: NOMINATIONS ARE OPEN NOW!) Current award categories are:

Coach of the Year

Competitors of the Year (Men and Women)

Submission of the Year

Match of the Year (Gi and Nogi)

A call for nominations will go out around November 1. Get some nominees in mind and stay tuned!


Countdown to 100 Shows: 2 Giveaways

One of the show’s primary goals is to help grow the scene, and that means re-investing — and that means sponsorship.

We’re going to re-evaluate the way we do sponsorships in 2018, and think out the whole process in a more formal way. For now, though, we’re going to sponsor the entry fees for two athletes to one upcoming US Grappling event.

Do you want to be one of these athletes? Good news! You only have to do three things: Continue reading

Countdown to 100 Shows: 3 Hosts Pick 3 Favorite Shows

As a five-day countdown to our hundredth show, we’re going to be posting two blog items a day until Friday, culminating in two big giveaways, one big announcement, and finally our 100th show. Stick around for the top two announcements for sure — I think you’ll be as excited as we are.


You already know our 10 most popular shows with the listeners, and eight of Jeff’s favorite moments from the show.

But what about the voices you hear on the show? We have three regular hosts, so we polled each of those three for their three personal favorite shows.


Mary Holmes: One of the area’s most well-respected brown belts (and a training partner of Lourdes’ for years) sat down with us for a fun and introspective conversation that is still a favorite.

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Countdown to 100 Shows: 4 Most Popular Blog Posts

As a five-day countdown to our hundredth show, we’re going to be posting two blog items a day until Friday, culminating in two big giveaways, one big announcement, and finally our 100th show. Stick around for the top two announcements for sure — I think you’ll be as excited as we are.


Before DWB was a podcast, it was a blog — a blog I started after I got my blue belt. The writing has taken a back seat to the audio lately, but I hope to do more of that next year.

The four most popular posts we’ve published here, by pageviews, are:

How to Get Better at Jiujitsu (Using Notes and Drilling): You know you need to drill. You probably know you should take notes. I’m the nerd that has a method or two to share, and it seems like people are interested in reading about that.

How to Roll During BJJ Sparring (Five Principles): I wrote this to help people get better, be better training partners, and to try to pre-emptively stop some unnecessary head-squeezin’. (Note: some head-squeezin’ is totally necessary).

The Greatest Jiujitsu Competitors of All Time (Guest Post by Daniel Frank): A departure from the how-to posts above, Daniel Frank from Revolution BJJ wrote a series ranking the best competitors of each decade. This was the wrap-up post that gave Daniel’s opinion of the best sport jiujitsu competitors ever. This was written before Roger-Buchecha 2, so I wonder if Daniel would put them in a different order now.

The All Time Most Common Submissions At US Grappling
: Since it came out, this post has always been number one with a bullet, and is still. I’m glad that, somewhere in Venn diagram with “jiujitsu nerd” on one end and “data nerd” on the other, there are a whole bunch of people like me.