Update: The Awards Are Almost Here!

Quick reminder: the nominations are almost final for the first annual Dirty White Belt Southeast American Jiujitsu Awards! We’re giving year-end awards for jiujitsu throughout the Southeast on a show in December: For a full and comprehensive list of who is eligible and the rules, we have longer posts here and here.

Who Are The Candidates?
We are closing nominations Dec. 1, and giving the awards later in December. So there’s still time to nominate! We are keeping a running list of the candidates here.  You can nominate additional candidates by emailing us at cagesidewhup@gmail.com. Even better, you can call and leave us a voicemail at (360) 389-2830. Tell us who you’re supporting and why! Not only might this help persuade the judges, you might end up on the show giving out props to a winner during our awards show in December.

How Do I Vote / Support My Deserving Candidate?
A panel of judges from a variety of jiujitsu teams will decide the winners, so there is no popular vote (at least not this year!). But you can still support your favorite candidate by posting your picks and a few reasons that person is deserving!

Thanks for participating!

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