Countdown to 100 Shows: 6 Images of the Show

As a five-day countdown to our hundredth show, we’re going to be posting two blog items a day until Friday, culminating in two big giveaways, one big announcement, and finally our 100th show. Stick around for the top two announcements for sure — I think you’ll be as excited as we are.


A podcast is audio, but when we’re out making the show, photos happen. Here are five that reflect the  spirit we’re going for.

6. David Porter repping DWB at Fight to Win Pro: One of our most popular guests and one of the most complete practitioners around wearing the patch at a high-profile event we won’t soon forget.

5&4. The Dominyka Obelenyte seminars: we brought the best in the world to two academies, Triangle Jiu Jitsu and Elevate MMA, and watching that happen was tremendous.
3. The Seph Smith NoGi seminar at Elevate: Jiujitsu is a powerful martial art full of real-world effective techniques. But it should also be fun, and occasionally silly.
2. Lourdes interviewing local brown belt Jeff Daughtry: At our core, we’re a community show about jiujitsu in the Carolinas, and this is one mainstay of the local scene interviewing another before a competition.
1. The RefugeeJitsu collageJiujitsu brings us all together, or at least it can if we make that choice.