Countdown to 100 Shows: 7 Most Popular Videos

As a five-day countdown to our hundredth show, we’re going to be posting two blog items a day until Friday, culminating in two big giveaways, one big announcement, and finally our 100th show. Stick around for the top two announcements for sure — I think you’ll be as excited as we are.


We do a fair amount of video here, most of which are housed on our Facebook page, and a few on our YouTube Channel. Some of those are instructional videos, some live matches from events like Toro Cup, some nutrition videos, and some potpourri.

Wild fact: on Facebook alone, our videos have been viewed for more than a million minutes (1,036,000 to be precise, with more than 1.5 million video views.

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What are the most popular videos? I’m glad you asked, because that’s next on the countdowns. Some takeaways: people like a variety of things, from educational videos to montages of show content to live matches. People especially like Toro Cup 6, since many of the top clips are from that event (it remains to be seen if Toro Cup 7 will eclipse that one). And Greg Walker features in two of the top seven videos, so people like watching Greg compete.

Without further ado …

7 (Tie). Caitlin Huggins teaches her over-under pass

7 (tie). CJ Murdock vs. David Porter at Toro Cup 6

6. Cody Maltais v. Josh Aguero at Toro Cup 6

5. Nakapan Phungephorn v. Greg Walker at Toro Cup 5

4. Kenneth Brown v. Chico Santiago at Toro Cup 6

3. Greg Walker v. Jarod Lawton at Toro Cup 6

2. Why the Blue Belt is the Most Important Belt, featuring Jake Whitfield 

1. Dave Camarillo teaches a standing guillotine


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