Countdown to 100 Shows: 9 Great Quotes From Guests

As a five-day countdown to our hundredth show, we’re going to be posting two blog items a day until Friday, culminating in two big giveaways, one big announcement, and finally our 100th show. Stick around for the top two announcements for sure — I think you’ll be as excited as we are.


“Our culture is based on self defense … to give to the weak one the ability to adapt to an unpredictable, real life situation.” — Rickson Gracie

“Competition drives me crazy: I hate it. And because I hate it so much, that drives me to conquer it. Winning is awesome, but beating the fear of competing is way better than that. If I can overcome the fear and the anxieties I have about stepping on the mat, I can do anything else.” — John “Bagels” Telford

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“My focus was 100% on jiujitsu. … It never occurred to me that I would be making history. I just wanted to fight, and win.” — Leka Vieira, first woman to win black belt worlds

“Fighting is wonderful, man. It’s like a play: you can be any character you want.” — D’Juan Owens

“The last thing you want is a belt that doesn’t fit.” — Marc Baquerizo, the 5th American to earn a black belt

“For me, Bloodsport is not just a martial arts film, although it is an excellent martial arts film. It’s not a dry text for scholarly study, although it can be that as well. Bloodsport is for a lifetime of learning. It’s got everything you could possibly need, and every time you come back to it you find something new.” — Melvin Pena, teacher of a college class on “Bloodsport.”

“The lessons that jiujitsu teaches go way beyond armbars and sweeps. … Ultimately, the main lesson that jiujitsu teaches is one of humility. You get beat every day, there’s always someone better you, and you’re never done learning. These lessons, to me, are more valuable than armbars.” — Robert Drysdale

“Jiujitsu is part of the solution: jiujitsu saves lives. Veterans love jiujitsu. … The ripples that [the jiujitsu community] brings about in the veteran community that I see firsthand at Fort Bragg on nearly a daily basis, we feel that and we appreciate it.” — Julia Parker Gumpert, Mission 22

“If you’re listening and you’re not really into jiujitsu … I’m a little bit creeped out, honestly.” — Andrew Smith

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