VIDEO: Over-Under Pass Instructional With Caitlin Huggins

Caitlin Huggins, a black belt training at Great Grappling, competes at the highest levels, and has tremendous success with the over-under guard pass. As part of our celebration for hitting 20,000 downloads on the Dirty White Belt Radio podcast, Caitlin filmed an instructional on this technique for us! Help us celebrate: 1. Subscribe on iTunes »

VIDEO: Muay Thai Leg Kick Instructional with Chris Clodfelter

Muay Thai Leg Kick Instructional

Ever wanted to know proper technique for that signature Muay Thai leg kick that's so effective? Our guest Chris Clodfelter from Eight Points Muay Thai & Fitness shows you how to do it right!

Posted by Dirty White Belt Radio on Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Triangle From Closed Guard With Strikes

On the most recent podcast, we interviewed CJ Murdock, who is a black belt currently training in Brazil with Fernando Terere. When we do this, we’re usually going to ask the guest to demonstrate one of her or his favorite techniques: with CJ, that’s not possible, since he’s in another country. In a situation like »