Author: Jeff

PODCAST: Dominyka Obelenyte

Dominyka Obelenyte, four time black belt world champion, is back in Durham teaching a seminar at Elevate MMA! We talk to Dom about the shoulder injury that’s kept her off the competition mats (and why art is more dangerous to her than jiujitsu at this point). We also make plans for a Dom-designed DWB rashguard, »

Our Year End Awards: Frequently Asked Questions

What’s All This Then? We’re giving year-end awards for jiujitsu throughout the Southeast! For a full and comprehensive list of who is eligible and the rules, we have longer posts here and here. Who Are The Candidates? We are closing nominations Dec. 1, and giving the awards later in December. So there’s still time to »

PODCAST: How Romance Novels are Like MMA

How are writing and fighting related? Jeff and Betsy talk with two romance novelists who have written a three-book series set in the world of MMA. We talk about how stereotyping fighters (and fans) is misleading, what Ultimate Fighter contestant inspired one of the protagonists (the answer will surprise you, striking vs. grappling and why »

Making a Training Plan For Jiujitsu at Purple Belt and up

{{unknown}}Your job at white and blue belt is to learn, reinforce and try to master the fundamentals. Every gym defines what those fundamentals are slightly differently, but however your gym’s fundamentals curriculum is structured, your time at white and blue belt has to end with you knowing it inside and out. In August, I wrote »