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VIDEO: What does your BJJ belt mean to you?

What Does Your BJJ Belt Mean To You?

What does your belt mean to you? We got great voicemails, from blue to black belt, explaining their answers — and we got some great photos of tattered old belts and video from promotion ceremonies, too. Check them out here!Featured: Daniel Charles Frank, David Porter, Ethan Daily, Anthony Elbert, with video & photos of Chela Tu, Jessica Lancaster, Hameed Sanders, Tim Hufford & many more.

Posted by Dirty White Belt Radio on Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Video: Worm Guard Sweep with Daniel Frank

Daniel Frank: Worm Guard sweep

Daniel Frank from Revolution BJJ shows a cool worm guard sweep, ending in an armlock. Come for the technique, stay for the soundtrack and Andrew Smith's facial expressions.

Posted by Dirty White Belt Radio on Monday, August 22, 2016

Video: Leg Drag from 50/50 with Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith: Leg Drag From 50/50

Everyone knows North Carolina jiujitsu's favorite position is the 50/50. But do you know what to DO from the 50/50? Andrew Smith does, and he'll show you — backed by a memorable soundtrack.

Posted by Dirty White Belt Radio on Saturday, August 20, 2016

Video: Your Job As a Blue Belt

Your Job As a Blue Belt

This Sunday's guest, Royce Gracie black belt Jake Whitfield, talks about what blue belts should be doing in training. Sunday at 10 a.m., Jake reveals who his toughest MMA opponent was, what the hardest day of training in the barn looked like, what a judo pin has to do with stabbing someone in the neck, and what the most common training mistakes are. He also calls at least one of his students a sissy. Tune in to find out which one.

Posted by Dirty White Belt Radio on Friday, May 6, 2016