Author: Jeff

Grapplers Gift Guide: 2017

If Charles Dickens taught us one thing, it’s that money doesn’t necessarily buy happiness. But it can buy your friends things for holidays, and that’s basically happiness for them. Don’t wait until three ghosts shake you down before you drop cash on Christmas: your 2017 Grapplers Gift Guide has something for every budget, including no budget. That’s »

Update: The Awards Are Almost Here!

Quick reminder: the nominations are almost final for the first annual Dirty White Belt Southeast American Jiujitsu Awards! We’re giving year-end awards for jiujitsu throughout the Southeast on a show in December: For a full and comprehensive list of who is eligible and the rules, we have longer posts here and here. Who Are The Candidates? »

PODCAST: Beats, Bars and Blue Belts

We talk to two local grapplers who are also avoid musicians, both blue belts: Rodney (Oak City Slums) and Henry (miniluv) talk beats, production, inspiration and the confluence of martial arts and performing arts. Plus, we play some songs and they make dope rolling playlists for the listeners. Check out Slums’ playlist here and miniluv’s playlist here.  »